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Members can avail of study tours and workshops.

Pro Silva Ireland also organises twice annual workshops in Ireland led by leading ProSilva Europe foresters. Members and non-members are welcome to attend these valuable training days.

Members also have access to a dedicated ProSilva Europe online social network where they can interact with foresters and others both here in Ireland and across Europe.

If you would like to join ProSilva Ireland all you need to do is print out the Application Form below and fill in your details along with the appropriate fee.

You will then be sent periodical e-newsletters, reports on study tours, along with being eligible to participate on workshops and study tours.

How to Join

Intending members should fill out this membership form and return it along with the appropriate membership fee to: (This page can be printed out, see print button at the bottom of the page)

It is €10 to initially join as a new member. The annual membership is  €40, so  new members pay €50, and renewing members pay €40

The Membership Secretary
Pro Silva Ireland
36 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2

Email: prosilvaireland@gmail.com 

 Download PSI Membership form here

 Membership Application Form

Personal Details (Please Print)

First Name:




Contact Address:






Phone Number:


Email address:


Joining Fee (€10) Enclosed  
Annual Subscription (€40) Enclosed


Student Subscription (€10) Enclosed


Total Sum Enclosed
Please Make Cheques Payable to Pro Silva (Ireland)



Pro Silva Ireland use only
Membership Number:
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