Study Tours to Europe


Early Study Tours to Europe:

Members are able to join our study tours to Europe; Irish Open Forest days organised by ProSilva Ireland  are open to both members and the general public

Study Tour of Romania held in 2004 with contributions by Michael Purser, Gionata Spazzi, Ben Jobling Purser, Mickey Gabbett, Brother Anthony Keane. This is a large file (1.9Mb). The article is provided in PDF format only. If you have trouble accessing this article please go to Adobe Reader.

Report on the Pro Silva Ireland and Select For study tour to Brittany during May, 2003 with contributions by Brother Athony Keane, Donal O’Hare, Phil Morgan, Huw Denman, John Casey and Morgan Roche.

Report on the tour to Central Jutland during August, 2002, with contributions by Jan Alexander, Joe Doyle, Morgan Roche and G.P.J.Tottenham.

(Other tour reports to be uploaded soon)


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