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Important new publication – Developing the Full Potential of the Forest: Management of Irregular Forests

Happy New Year to all Pro Silva Ireland members and friends!

We are happy to announce an important new publication from the leading French Association Futaie Irreguliere which will be of interest to many of our members, Developing the Full Potential of the Forest: Management of Irregular Forests (2011).

It has been translated by Phil Morgan, President of the UK Pro Silva Close to Nature – Continuous Cover Forestry group, CCFG. Phil has often worked as a forest consultant here in Ireland and has been a regular guest expert at many of our open Forest days.  Phil also wrote our own booklet What makes Close to Nature Forest Management an attractice choice for Irish farmers? (this booklet can be downloaded from our site here)

In the new publication the French Association Futaie Irreguliere presents the approach to

  • irregular silviculture developed over the last 15 years by leading French private forest managers
  • describes the AFI network of irregular silviculture research stands set-up by a leading forest scientists across France, Belgium, England, Luxemburg and Ireland
  • records 20 years of monitoring irregular silviculture through measurements of dendrological, economic and environmental parameters
  • presents results from 6 research stands of biological and economic growth and development
  • includes 11 Information Sheets detailing all aspects of management and transformation of even-aged stands

The success in making an operational tool to work on this complex subject that reconciles the multiple functions of the forest required exceptional experience. It required a profound understanding both of how the forest functions, and of the people who live within it and from it. The various chapters of this book bear witness to these complementary qualities.”

The AFI is offering you the opportunity to buy Management of Irregular Forests at the price of £20.00 + £ 1.75 p&p on deliveries to the UK or €22.00 + €5.00 p&p on deliveries to the Euro zone.

Please place orders with SelectFor:
By phone on: 00 44 (0)1974 261688
or Email: admin@selectfor.com
Pre-payment by cheque or PayPal

Contact Phil Morgan, Director of SelectFor Ltd
at phil@selectfor.com


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