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FARM WOODLAND FORUM 2016 “Farm Woodlands-Education, Research and Policy”

FARM WOODLAND FORUM 2016 “Farm Woodlands-Education, Research and Policy”

An invitation to ProSilva Ireland members and friends to this year’s Farm Woodland Forum meeting. The Forum will be in Ireland and run jointly by AFBI and Teagasc, with bookings and registration through AFBI. This is an excellent venue. Ballyhaise is a fine Agricultural College which supplies most of the farm woodland and forestry skills … Continue reading

A Close-to-Nature - Continuous Cover Forest

Elements of a Close-to-Nature managed Continuous Cover Forest: young naturally regnerating trees in the under-story, mixed species, uneven forest stand structure, important dead 'nurse' logs

Welcome to ProSilva Ireland

pro silva (latin: ‘for the forests’)

ProSilva Ireland recognises and values the unique history of Irish forestry and its past, current and potential contribution at local, regional and national levels. Members are convinced of the need in Ireland for a greater range of management skills amongst foresters and forest owners.

ProSilva Ireland was founded in 2000 in order to develop and promote ProSilva Forest Management Principles as an alternative to clear-felling in Irish forestry.

Since that time, ProSilva Ireland has attracted a growing and significant membership, through its field days and its commitment on acquiring and sharing leading permanent forestry methods from visiting ProSilva forests in Europe.

ProSilva Ireland's views and opinions are being more regularly sought for Irish forestry policy and research development, to create Irish forests that are economically viable, ecologically vibrant, and climate resilient.

Members can avail of study tours and workshops.

Pro Silva Ireland also organises twice annual workshops in Ireland led by leading ProSilva Europe foresters. Members and non-members are welcome to attend these valuable training days.

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